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What is Gods & Goblins?

Gods & Goblins is a community-driven metaverse experience brought to you by Futureverse. Gods & Goblins will allow you to trade your unwanted NFTs for Goblins, and Follow the Path on a journey through The Third Kingdom.

How many Goblins will there be in the collection?

The Goblin Horde is infinite. Goblins are created using Futureverse technology - DOT, or Dynamic Object Transformation system, which allows for the unlimited generation of Goblins.

What is Futureverse?

Futureverse is a technological and cultural foundation for the open metaverse where creators, companies and communities conjure their future. The Futureverse ecosystem includes Non Fungible Labs, Altered State Machine, Sylo, ATEM & many more companies in the Web3 space.

How do I get a Goblin?

Goblins will be first available for mint in our upcoming event, The Summoning, which is a 7 day special event for the Blood Moon. During The Summoning, Goblins can be minted with special traits which will be unavailable when The Summoning ends. Following The Summoning, Goblins will always be available to mint, from a varied trait pool.

How much are Goblins?

Goblins will be 100 JUNK or you may purchase using $20USD equivalent in the following cryptocurrencies: ETH/ASTO/SYLO/XRP/USDC

Can I buy a Goblin with fiat?

Not at this stage. Currently JUNK and Crypto are accepted.

What is JUNK?

Junk is a Goblin currency, available via exchange for eligible NFTs via Junking at the Junkyard. JUNK is not an on-chain currency.

What is JUNKing?

Junking is a process where you can burn your unwanted NFTs in exchange for JUNK. JUNK can then be used to mint Goblins to your wallet during The Summoning. The Junklist will outline NFT projects the community has voted on as being eligible for Junking.

Which NFTs are eligible for Junking?

Junking is a way for holders of abandoned, dead, or inactive NFT projects to upcycle their assets. Junking will be an always-on process, with new projects added to the Junklist in future. Nominations for the first Junklist are underway. You can nominate projects you believe are worthy of Junking via this form.

Can I burn NFTs that aren't on the Junklist?

No, only selected collections will be eligible to be burnt for JUNK. You can view these collections here.

Who chooses which collections are eligible?

Anyone can nominate a collection for addition to the Junklist. Nominated collections will be vetted, with suitable nominees then being put to the community for voting. The collections that receive the most votes during each voting round will be added to the Junklist, and made eligible for burning in exchange for JUNK.

Who can vote on nominated collections?

Voting rights are reserved for holders of Amulets. Amulets will be available for purchase via the secondary market once the Root Marketplace is live.

When can I use my JUNK to summon Goblins?

The first Summoning will start in March. After this The Recurring will begin, which is the infinite, always-on mint. Everyone gets a Goblin!

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